annual memberships

valid for one year

/ minute*


*Minimum charge: 15 minutes ($3.00)

$60 / Year billed
at $5 / Month


COMMUNITYFor Low-Income Qualified
/ minute*


*Minimum charge: 15 minutes ($2.25)

$12 / Year billed
at $1 / Month



trial membership

valid for one month

TRIALValid for one month
/ minute*


*Minimum charge: 15 minutes ($6.00)

No Monthly
Membership Fee


100 cars & 200 charging points in spring 2019

BlueLA is an all-electric car sharing service expanding to 40 stations, 200 charging points, and 100 cars in Los Angeles. Members have access to a network of shared electric vehicles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at self-service locations in central LA.

About Us

How does it work?


Reserve a Bluecar in advance on the mobile app or website, or walk up to any BlueLA location to pick up an available car.

Pick up

To pick up a Bluecar and hit the road, tap your user card at any of our kiosks and follow the instructions.


Unplug and begin your trip! Use the built-in GPS for directions and enjoy a drive without having to worry about gas or parking.


Park at a BlueLA location and plug the car to end your trip.

Simple, convenient, economical

Say hello to vehicle access with no strings attached. Wave goodbye to gas, insurance, maintenance and parking fees.
With car sharing, you only pay for what you use.

Planned cars at
40+ planned locations
$ 0
No parking fees
No insurance
No maintenance
No gas
No direct CO2 emissions
No noise pollution
No air pollution
service day or night

The Bluecar