Why does the price of my rental can sometimes vary?

Depending on the demand at the departure or arrival station, the rate may be adapted to optimize the availability of our cars and parking spaces.

From the mobile app, select the stations with a blue dot to view any available discount(1) !

You may also have a reservation fee(2) for a car or a parking space in case of high demand.


(1) The discount on rentals applies automatically, no additional actions are required. The discount is available at the time the message is displayed on the app, and it can change at any time. To make sure you benefit from this available discount check your app just before you leave or arrive at a station.

(2) You will be notified of the amount applied for the reservation of a car or a parking space at the time the reservation is made. The rate may fluctuate by $3 plus tax for a Standard Membership and $2.25 plus tax for a Community Membership.


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