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Concerning the discount on rentals:
One-time discount on selected rentals applies automatically, and no additional action on your part is required. The discount is displayed on the mobile application when you select the station where you wish to pick up your vehicle or the station where you wish to drop off your vehicle and is available until the time indicated. No rental credit can be saved for future rentals. Please note that this discount cannot be combined with any other promotions and Rental Packages.

Concerning reservation fee:
You will be notified about the price applied to the reservation of a car or a parking space at the time the reservation is made.

All confirmed reservations subject to the non-refundable reservation fee if applicable. However, if you wish to change the station for your BlueLA vehicle reservation and/or parking space, you may modify a valid reservation. In this case, you may be charged an additional fee corresponding to the difference in price if the new reserved station is priced higher.
You can also check our dedicated FAQ.


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