How do I start my trip?

  • Go to your desired pick-up station. BlueLA station locations can be found here, or on the mobile app.
  • Receive your vehicle assignment by tapping your user card at the kiosk and following all prompts
  • Unlock the assigned vehicle by tapping your user card on the reader by the driver's side mirror
  • Unplug the vehicle and guide the retractable cable into the charging point
  • Start the vehicle using the ignition key hanging on the right side of the steering column. When the car outline image on the dashboard display turns green, you are ok to drive.
  • Release the parking brake, shift to Drive, and get on your way!

You can also start your rental from the app. For your first rental, you will need to swipe your card on the rental kiosk. Then enter your PIN code and follow the instructions.

Check out the BlueLA User Guide to further familiarize yourself with the process.

Using BlueLA