What is car sharing?

Car sharing is a type of short-term car rental meant for trips around the city, providing the freedom of vehicle use without the costs and hassle of owning a personal vehicle. BlueLA is a membership-based subscription service coming to Los Angeles, offering access to a network of shared electric vehicles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at self-service locations throughout the central city.


What kind of cars are provided?

The Bluecar is an all-electric compact hatchback manufactured by the Bollore Group of France, designed and intended specifically for car sharing. The car gets up to 125 miles to the charge and seats four adults comfortably.


Where can I pick up a car?

Bluecars can be rented on-street at any BlueLA station, by any BlueLA member. See here for existing and upcoming station locations. Stations consist of one self-service kiosk and 5 parking spots, each with an electric charger. 40 locations are planned to open in central Los Angeles in 2018.


What do I need to sign up?

  • 18 years or older
  • Valid driver’s license *
  • Debit/credit card **
  • If signing up for the discounted Community Membership: Proof of eligibility
* If not a US resident, must also provide an International Driving Permit
** If you do not have a debit/credit card but would like to use BlueLA, check out our partner Lemando Fair Finances!


How much does it cost?

BlueLA rates can be found here. There are two costs: membership and usage. Minimum trip time charged is 15 minutes, and a 9.5% tax applies to usage fees. That’s it – with BlueLA, there are no hidden charges!


How do I start using the service?

1) Sign up: You can sign up for the service online or through the BlueLA Mobile app. You can also begin registration in-person with a BlueLA ambassador, or over the phone by calling our customer service line at 1(800) 212-1079

2) Activate: You will receive an activation code that allows you to pair your TAP card or BlueLA card at any BlueLA station.

3)  Go: Tap your card at a self-service kiosk at any BlueLA station, pick up a car, and get driving! Check out the BlueLA User Guide to familiarize yourself with the process.


How do I access the cars and chargers?

During sign up, you will choose to receive a BlueLA card or use your Metro TAP card with the service. This user card is your “key” to the Bluecars. You will tap your user card on the kiosk to be assigned a car, and tap on the vehicle driver’s side to unlock the car. When ending a trip, you will also tap your card on the charging point lid to plug in and end the rental.


Is Insurance included?

Yes! BlueLA provides auto insurance coverage for its members up to the state minimum limit. This insurance will be considered secondary to any personal auto insurance maintained by the member.


Where do I park?

You trip must always begin and end at a BlueLA station. During the course of your trip, however, you can stop/park the Bluecar in any legal parking spot. You will be responsible for any ticket or legal infraction incurred during the rental period.


How long will I be able to take the car?

You can take the Bluecar anywhere within the driving zone (an approximate 25 mile radius from where BlueLA stations are located.) If the battery charge drops below 30%, you will be notified to return the vehicle to a BlueLA station.


Will I be able to drive using my friend’s account?

Memberships are for individual users and are not interchangeable. Only the subscriber can drive the Bluecar. When you register, you set a secure personal identification code that prevents another person from using your card in case of loss or theft.


What if I get a ticket or get the vehicle towed?

Any ticket or legal infraction incurred during the rental period will be your responsibility. Charges are added to your bill if not paid at the time of the incident. If a car is abandoned or towed, you will be charged for associated administrative costs and retrieval of the vehicle.