Using BlueLA


Why does the price of my rental can sometimes vary?

Depending on the demand at the departure or arrival station, the rate may be adapted to optimize the availability of our cars and parking spaces.

From the mobile app, select the stations with a blue dot to view any available discount(1) !

You may also have a reservation fee(2) for a car or a parking space in case of high demand.


How to start my trip from the app?

The « Rent » button* is displayed if there are cars available to rent at the selected station. After tapping this button, you will see the car that has been assigned to you. If there are other cars available to rent at this station, you can select one of them by clicking the « Change » button. Finally, tap on « Confirm » to start your rental.

You still need to tap your badge on the car before and after your trip even if you have remotely started your rental.

How do I end my trip?

  • Park in an available or reserved space (green light, or blue if reserved)
  • Shift to neutral, lift up the parking brake, remove key from the ignition, and remove all personal items from inside the car
  • Lock the car by tapping your user card on the reader by the driver’s side mirror
  • Plug in the car by tapping your user card on the lid of the charging point, carefully releasing the cable, and plugging into the port on the right rear side of the car
  • Look for a trip summary notification on your mobile phone

What do the charging point light colors mean?

  • Green: You can return the Bluecar to this charging point without a reservation.
  • Blue: If you have a reservation, you can return the Bluecar to this charging point.
  • Red: Do not use. This charging point is in maintenance. Your rental will not end if you attempt to return the car here.

Where can I park?

Your trip must always begin and end at a BlueLA station. During the course of your trip, however, you can stop/park the Bluecar in any legal parking spot. You will be responsible for any ticket or legal infraction incurred during the rental period.

How do I open the trunk?

The lever to open the trunk is located underneath the driver's seat on the right-hand side. Pull the lever to open the trunk.

Where is the key?

The ‘ignition’ key is hanging from a cord on the right side of the steering column. If you discover that the cord has been cut or the key removed from the vehicle, please call customer service immediately at 1 (800)212-1079 , and you will be assigned a new vehicle.