We have always been proud to offer flexibility and freedom as a transportation solution in Los Angeles. During this global pandemic, we want to do our part in making essential trips easy and convenient.


We are now open but have made some changes to our operations:

·  BlueLA will operate from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM daily. Please make sure to return your rental to any BlueLA Station by 6 pm.

·  Not all stations will be operational each day. Please check the station map for updated availability on the BlueLA app or website

·  For the health and safety of every member, please wear a mask while using the service and sanitize all high-touch areas such as the steering wheel, handbrake and door handles before and after your rental

·  Rentals must not exceed 3 hours

·  Our customer service number has temporarily changed to 213-279-2525. We apologize as the wait time may be longer than normal

·  We are not currently enrolling any new members


Here is what we are doing to keep our members and employees safe:

·  Every vehicle has been cleaned and sanitized during our temporary closure

·  Members can start a rental directly from the BlueLA app so no contact with the kiosk is required

·  We added reminders for members to wash or sanitize their hands before and after each rental

·  We will sanitize and disinfect the fleet of available cars daily using EPA approved disinfectants


Thank you for all your continued support. During this time, if you need any assistance during your rental please call 213-279-2525 or send us a message through your BlueLA account. Please note that our phone and email response times may be longer than usual due to COVID-19.



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Alquile un auto elétrico ubicado en 35 estaciones en el centro de LA

BlueLA es un servicio de autos eléctricos compartidos que viene a Los Ángeles este año. Los usuarios tendrán acceso a una red de vehículos eléctricos compartidos las 24 horas del día, los 7 días de la semana, en estaciones de autoservicio por todas partes de Los Ángeles Central. 

sobre nosotros

Cómo funciona ?


Reserve un Bluecar por adelantado en la aplicación móvil o sitio web, o camine hasta cualquier estación de BlueLA para recoger un auto disponible. 


Para recoger un Bluecar y tomar camino, use su tarjeta de usuario en cualquiera de nuestros quioscos y siga las instrucciones.


desenchufe y comience su viaje. Use el GPS integrado para direcciones, y disfrute el viaje sin tener que preocuparse de gasolina o estacionamiento.  


Estacione en una estación de BlueLA y enchufe el vehículo para terminar su viaje. 

Simple, Conveniente, Económico 


Dígale Hola al acceso de vehículos sin condiciones. Despídase de la gasolina, seguros y mantenimiento. Con los autos compartidos, usted sólo paga por lo que usa. 

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