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Understanding the Value of Used Electric Vehicles

Many potential buyers would like to own an EV, but cite cost as a deterrent. According to Inside EVs online, over 40% of consumers report “cost” as a reason not to buy an EV. Sticker-shock can turn consumers away from giving electric vehicles a chance. Used EVs present an opportunity to save money on the

Who’s Invested in EV Infrastructure? It’s Surprising

Once upon a time, oil companies and automakers considered EVs to be blips on the market radar they could easily leave in the rear-view mirror. Today, they’re fighting to get in the driver’s seat and get involved in an industry that is leaving the old way of doing things in the dust. Many are investing

Top 10 Fun Places to Charge Up This Summer

Summer driving season is upon us, and families across America are gearing up to travel as soon as the quarantines and lockdown restrictions allow them to. While there still may be partial lockdowns and quarantines, people are indicating their intent to vacation, in fact, according to a AAA survey, nearly 100 million Americans are planning

Hot Weather Tips for Extending EV Range

Most EV drivers know that cold weather can cause range loss in electric vehicles, and that running the heater can make the loss greater. But most drivers don’t consider the effect of hot weather. Extreme temperatures of any kind can have a detrimental effect on an EV, causing range loss, body wear and tear, and

It’s World EV Day and Global EV Outlook is Charged for the Future

Will this be the decade of the EV? According to Global EV Outlook 2020, the odds are likely. The Global EV Outlook report examines vital elements of the growing EV trend—charging infrastructure, cost, volume and type of energy usage, emissions, and development of batteries to predict EV sales all the way to 2030. According to

Converting ICE Cars to EVs

EVs always prove a better buy in the long run, but what if the there’s a car you wished was electric but it’s not?Another option is to convert an internal combustion engine into an electric one. Sound impossible? It’s not, and businesses have been quick to realize the opportunity and help you do just that!