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Electric Vehicles Score Points with the Modern Retiree

Many retirees find themselves in the position of needing a new car, but no longer needing a vehicle that can stand up to a long daily commute. While previous generations, after they retired, could reliably be found behind the wheel of big cars such as a Buick, Lincoln Town Car, or Cadillac, today’s retirees want

The Ideal Charge to Preserve Your EV Battery’s Lifespan

So, you just bought an EV and you need to charge it. Which charger should you use and how much should you charge your new car? You might be surprised. 80-90% of charging takes place at home, but drivers often recharge at work, restaurants, the gym, and many other locations to “top off their tank.”

Help! I Bought an EV and I Don’t Know How to Charge It!

Ever been afraid to ask a “stupid question”? The truth is lots of other people probably have the same question you have. Many drivers think they lack the EV know-how needed to purchase one. But the truth is that everyone started at the beginning at some point! EVs are designed to be user-friendly, and we

Experience is the Key to Alleviating Range Anxiety

According to The Drive, one of the most common reasons potential customers cite for not buying an EV is fear their car will not be able to complete a journey to their destination or to a suitable charging station, and will instead leave the driver stranded roadside. Commonly referred to as “range anxiety”, this fear

Fact from Fiction: Why Consumers Don’t Buy EVs

Electric vehicle sales rise every year. In fact, according to Green Tech Media, electric vehicle sales in the U.S. surged by 81% in 2018, and are expected to be the majority of vehicles on the road by 2029. The main reason drivers purchase EVs is because of the environmental and economic benefits, including saving a

Nearly 20 Million EVs to Hit the Road by 2030

Industry experts are seeking new allies as state governments and public utilities join the fight for a greener future and increase in electric vehicle sales. Currently, there are around 20,000 electric vehicle charging stations in the United States, 30% of them in California. Blink Charging has more than 5,000 charging stations and new opportunities and