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How the Model 3 Became the World’s Most Popular Car

Tesla’s stock is up 270% YTD, and has jumped to a new record high this week, giving the electric vehicle maker a valuation of more than $208 billion. Tesla is now the most valuable car company on the planet. Tesla’s market cap has surpassed Toyota’s, and the company is worth more than many of its

The Hottest New Electric Cars of 2020

Manufacturers are taking the EV market seriously, and some are even slowly transitioning to an all-electric lineup. In past years, industry leaders have made major investments in developing newer, more modern EVs, as well as in investing in creating more and more choice in EVs. In 2020, and the coming years, consumers will see the

Tesla’s Cybertruck Heralds a New Era in EV

As early as 2012, Elon Musk was discussing a desire to create a pickup truck with load-compensating suspension, comparable to the Ford F-250. His state-of-the-art Cybertruck is taking the EV world by storm. The Cybertruck is an all-electric vehicle with more utility than a truck and better performance than a sports car. According to Cnet’s

EV Etiquette for Electric Vehicle Owners

We all know good manners go a long way and following these basic guidelines will make you the most popular EV driver in the garage. 1—Charging Spots Are for Charging. As obvious as it seems, cars which are not being actively charged should not be parked in a charging space. Once your car is finished

Are EVs Really Better for the Environment?

We all know that EVs do not release tail-pipe emissions, and according to Energy Sage, emit less than half the Co2 into the air as a gas-powered vehicle. While it would seem there is no logical argument to be made suggesting EVs aren’t better for the environment than gas-powered vehicles, opponents of EVs often mention

Is a Cold Climate a Deterrent to EV Ownership?

This time of year, most people have one thing on their minds: the weather. As freezing temperatures descend across the country and snow and ice become a hazard, EV drivers face another potential issue—how cold affects the battery and range of their electric cars. Most EV drivers know cold weather influences the range of their