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Drivers Can Use the Fastest Chargers to “Top Off” an EV, But Should They?

There are times that an EV driver may need to “top off” their car quickly and get on the road fast, whether they’re faced with a long drive across town or the country, or maybe they have an emergency and don’t have hours to invest in charging. When you need to be on the road

The Secret Savings of Car Sharing

Car sharing is a type of car rental for those who want to use a car for a few hours instead of a few days or more. It’s most popular with those who don’t own a car and need to make an occasional trip, or even commute daily. There are many times in everyday life

How EVs are Better For the Environment and For People Too

Since EVs hit the mainstream in the early 2000s, some have questioned the environmentally friendly label EV manufacturers claim. Opponents point out that some pollution still comes from the process of their manufacture, and that no vehicle is perfect. EVs, however, are better for the environment than ICE vehicles because fully electric vehicles have no

Why Join an EV Car-Sharing Service? There are More Reasons Than You May Think

For some, the idea of joining a car-sharing service is a big step. They ask themselves how many times they’re really going to need a car- how many times they’re going to drive cross country, or visit someone hundreds of miles away, or move across town. It may not seem worth it to rent a

Etiquette, Maintenance, and Safety

Keeping EVSE in good working order requires a little bit of work on the part of both, the EVSE host/owner and the drivers who use the charging stations. Keeping chargers and the area around them safe and clean is essential to keeping chargers in prime condition. Keeping public chargers and the area around them safe

The Rideshare Market Emerges with a New, More Sustainable Choice

The Rideshare Market is gaining traction and has nowhere to go but up in 2021. With prices skyrocketing and salaries well behind the times, the sharing economy was becoming popular even before Covid-19. With the pandemic’s economic impact, even more people will take advantage of car sharing. What is Ridesharing? Ridesharing or car-sharing is a