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Tips to Save Energy and Money at Work

Going green saves energy. In fact, Conserve Future Energy reports that according to The U.S Department of Energy, if buildings were all green, the U.S. would use $20 billion less energy every single year. Sometimes just knowing where to start can be daunting. Not sure where energy can be easily saved? Ask a professional. An

Ways to Get Around L.A. Without a Car

As one of America’s few non-walkable cities, Los Angeles can be notoriously difficult to get around without a car. Spread out over dozens of miles, one part of the city can feel like it’s on another planet from another part of the city. There are alternatives to car ownership however, and Discover Los Angeles’s guide

What is Keyless Entry and How Does It Work?

Keyless entry is a convenient system that removes the need for a physical key to unlock car doors. A “fob” or keychain, whether it’s in your hand, in a pocket, or in your bag, will unlock the door hands-free. The same fob works to start the engine. Keyless entry is intended to enable a driver

What Electric Vehicles Don’t Do is Good for Us All

On this Earth Day, we are celebrating EVs and the opportunity to bring a greener future to everyone. EVs have come a long way since their inception, and today EVs are cutting-edge technology, many models offering a range of 200, 300, or more miles. But as much as EVs have changed over the years and

Drivers Can Use the Fastest Chargers to “Top Off” an EV, But Should They?

There are times that an EV driver may need to “top off” their car quickly and get on the road fast, whether they’re faced with a long drive across town or the country, or maybe they have an emergency and don’t have hours to invest in charging. When you need to be on the road

The Secret Savings of Car Sharing

Car sharing is a type of car rental for those who want to use a car for a few hours instead of a few days or more. It’s most popular with those who don’t own a car and need to make an occasional trip, or even commute daily. There are many times in everyday life