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Why Join an EV Car-Sharing Service? There are More Reasons Than You May Think

For some, the idea of joining a car-sharing service is a big step. They ask themselves how many times they’re really going to need a car- how many times they’re going to drive cross country, or visit someone hundreds of miles away, or move across town. It may not seem worth it to rent a

Etiquette, Maintenance, and Safety

Keeping EVSE in good working order requires a little bit of work on the part of both, the EVSE host/owner and the drivers who use the charging stations. Keeping chargers and the area around them safe and clean is essential to keeping chargers in prime condition. Keeping public chargers and the area around them safe

The Rideshare Market Emerges with a New, More Sustainable Choice

The Rideshare Market is gaining traction and has nowhere to go but up in 2021. With prices skyrocketing and salaries well behind the times, the sharing economy was becoming popular even before Covid-19. With the pandemic’s economic impact, even more people will take advantage of car sharing. What is Ridesharing? Ridesharing or car-sharing is a

The Chevy Bolt for Blink Mobility

Blink is a leading owner/operator of electric vehicle charging stations, with chargers deployed around the world. Blink designs, manufactures, and deploys charging stations. Together with their clients, Blink is building a greener future. In that spirit of innovation, Blink Mobility is a 100% electric car sharing service and part of the City of Los Angeles’s

Be a Local Tourist in LA

Whether you’ve lived in Los Angeles a long time or are new in town there is no reason locals can’t take advantage of the best sites L.A. has to offer. Here are a few of our favorite things to do while playing local tourist!  Hollywood Blvd./Walk of Fame Everyone needs to visit Hollywood Blvd. at

How the Model 3 Became the World’s Most Popular Car

Tesla’s stock is up 270% YTD, and has jumped to a new record high this week, giving the electric vehicle maker a valuation of more than $208 billion. Tesla is now the most valuable car company on the planet. Tesla’s market cap has surpassed Toyota’s, and the company is worth more than many of its